The Smooth 5.45 vs. the Sole F60 and the Sole F80 – Which One Will Prevail

The Smooth 5.45 Treadmill unlike the sole f63 has a very basic control panel and the speed and incline controls are located on this display which makes them more difficult to change during mid-workout which is something to consider if you like to make adjustments while you work out to increase or decrease intensity. Also the 2.5 HP motor is more than adequate for the serious walker or the light jogger but it may not have the capabilities equal to the sole f80 so you might think twice before buying it.

Bottom Line: For the price this treadmill delivers a durable machine with rock solid performance. It offers some features of the more expensive treadmills at a very affordable price. It is a great choice for walkers and joggers, however the serious runner might want to consider one of the more advance models.


Overall wellness is affected by what we put into our bodies each day.  Food fuels our body’s ability to perform daily activities such as turbulence training.

Good nutrition is a crucial component to obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Your body responds to the nutrition it receives, good or bad. Foods that are high sugar, fried, and over salted can leave the body feeling tired and unable to perform at its optimum level. This unintended consequence of eating fatty and overly processed foods begins a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating with no energy to exercise. The body actually begins to crave those very foods that are bad for it, sabotaging a healthy lifestyle.
However, making the right nutrition choices like you learn in the turbulence training system has many positive effects on the body. By introducing foods that are fresh and all-natural into your diet, your body doesn’t have to work overtime to process harsh additives. Good foods work to fuel your body, giving it what it needs to produce energy and increasing the overall feeling of well-being.
Spending a little time researching nutrition will help you understand just how important your food choices are to your overall wellness. We have categorized the major nutrient groups for you to review. Learn more about how the body uses each of these nutrients, what foods include the nutrient, how much constitutes a serving and how many servings are recommended daily.

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • The Food Pyramid

Remember, wellness is a journey. Take it one day at a time. Empower yourself with knowledge that will help you choose good foods that will have a positive impact on your health. Good nutrition is crucial to your success and your return to health.

Buying Your Own Espresso Maker

With your own Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine, you can have as many servings as you would like of the espresso you love each day. If you will decide to buy one, make sure you first check out the Gaggia Classic Espresso Maker. Such brewing machine has a unique design which will make you think that it is a very expensive brewing machine like what you will see in the local coffee shops.

Advanced Technology Guaranteed

And due to its highly sophisticated technology, physically powerful assembly and excellent looks, the Gaggia Platinum will surely serve you the best tasting coffee to last for several years. There are several other models which include the Gaggia Achille as well as the Gaggia Baby, which actually led the way to the manufacture of such espresso coffee machines.

Bassano White Asparagus

In the spring, asparagus fever hits the pretty town of Bassano del Grappa in northern Italy. The wonderful white asparagus grown here has a unique flavour: so much so that it carries a DOC.

A member of the lily family, asparagus has been grown in Bassano for many years: it was valued as a delicacy even before Roman times. In the early sixteenth century, or so the story goes, a devastating hailstorm destroyed the town’s asparagus crop. Faced with such destruction, the farmers had little choice but to harvest the part of the plant which had remained undergroud. The shoots were white becasue they lacked exposure to sunlight, but the asparagus was strikingly tender and flavorsome, consider using the atlas 150 pasta maker and also the atlas 180 pasta maker. The delighted farmers decided to cultivate the whole plant underground from that point on.

In late May every year,  Bassano hosts a festival to celebrate its most prized crop. Farmers present their asparagus on the streets, while restaurants compete in A Tavola con l’Asparago DOC di Bassano to create the most spectacular succession of courses involving their beloved white asparagus.

Taste :

The long, chubby spears have a notable succulence. The elegant, restrained sweetness is quite remarkable: it opens up over the entire tongue with each mouthful.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Kind of Corner TV Stands For Your House

Having a television set is essential in this era that we live in due to a number of reasons that is for entertainment purposes, beauty purposes. Television sets are a common household item ever since they were first invented and throughout the years different designs have been developed. The living room is the best location to set up your TV set because you will be spending much of your time here with friends and family hence you will need a corner TV stand to ensure that the TV is placed at a strategic position. Before you choose a corner TV stand for your house you have to consider a few factors which will be mentioned below

Consider The TV Type And Match To It A Corner TV Stand

Unless you have not purchased a TV yet, when choosing the best corner TV stand for your house you have to put into mind the model of your television. There are many TV models in the market, each requiring a specific corner stand, if you make a mistake and select the wrong type of corner TV stand chances are that the TV will not fit perfectly on to the stand. For TV models such as Plasma and LCD you will need corner stands specifically for these particular models because these type of TV’s are not the same as other TV models. They are wider hence that will mean that the corner TV stand should be wider to accommodate the plasma or . For TV models such as projectors the corner stand will be similar to that of plasma and LCD models. For the common TV models such as CRT models which are heavier than the other TV models, the corner stands should be able to support the full weight of the TV.

Consider the Material of the Corner TV Stand

The material used to make TV stands is crucial in determining its durability, when choosing  corner TV stand you should  be able to select the ones that are made out of good quality material for it to serve its purpose well, otherwise your whole TV set will come crumbling down. An example of good quality corner TV stand is one that is made out of hardwood. Hardwood lasts for a very long time hence it is highly recommended if you do not want to buy new TV stands all the time. Although it is costly than other stands, the quality is the best and bring out the natural beauty to the living room. Another material that produced good quality corner TV stands is metal and glass. These two materials bring out a modern ambience to the living room. They even blend in with most television sets hence creating a beautiful pattern to the living room area. This type of corner TV stands provide firm structural support to the TV especially for models  such as plasma and LCD’s which can be mounted on walls and other areas which normal TV models cannot be mounted. Overall you should select TV corner stand that will support the weight of the TV and as well add beauty to the room.