What is C-Panel Hosting and How Can You Have It

C-Panel was one of the first interfaces used by webmasters to manage their websites online. Practically, it is the ‘skeleton’ of a website, and the makes it easy for web developers to access it and use it.

The hosting hardware has a simple circuit in principle. The developer has access to the C-panel, to manage a website hosted on a drive of a web-hosting company. Some of these services even eliminated the c-panel interface, replacing it with a more intuitive Content management system. However, also if the user sees something different in the front end, there will be a c-panel at the back-end, which takes care of all the website’s functions.

To use your website through the c-panel, you will first need a domain name. The has an IP that can be accessed only through the internet, but the domain name represents the name used by a visitor to find that specific IP online. It can have a termination such as .com, .edu, or many other extensions, but also specific country ones such as .co.uk for British websites. Hosting has to be fast and accessible for users – a slow website will not have priority in Google, and it will also have a high bounce rate.

You can find many c-panel hosting packages responding to all types of needs and activities. Some web hosting companies will host your entire website, while others will only offer a ‘skeleton’ that you will have to manage with the c-panel. If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises such as a slow website that is offline most of the time, before deciding on the one you call.

Types of c-panel web hosting available

  1. Free hosting – yes, you can host your own website free on some platforms such as Blogger or WordPress, but the site will not be ‘entirely’ yours. It will have an extension such as yourname.wordpress.com, and it will actually belong to WordPress. Such websites are really Google-friendly, but they will not offer you the customization features required by a professional site. Moreover, it is tough to find a with c-panel
  2. Shared web hosting – the cheapest hosting method available for beginners, ideal for new websites. These websites consume the resources of the same server, dividing those between them whenever needed. You can go with this solution for months, but as soon as your website hits a few hundred visitors a day, you will need to think of a more performing package.
  3. Reseller web hosting – it is some kind of affiliate service in which a hosting company sells space and resources from a more significant provider to third parties. As the most reliable companies in the field have their own servers and they sell hosting directly to users, this service is not as used as it used to be.
  4. VPS – Virtual Private Server has many elements in common with shared hosting, but the resources are more prominent and their repartition is fairer. Practically, shared hosting means 100 websites on a server, while VPS means only ten sites on the same type of server.
  5. The most performing hosting solution is the Dedicated server, in which big websites benefit from a complex c-panel to manage a server solely for its needs.

The Atlas 150 Pasta Machine A Restaurant Level Equipment

Dream of eating restaurant dishes at home? How about pasta dishes?

Well dream no more because with the use of the atlas 150 pasta machine any dish is possible to create at your own home kitchen.

All you have to do is prepare the dough pass it thru the machine and Walla you just made your restaurant level fresh pasta at your home congrats.

No after you have used the atlas 150 all you have to do is cook the pasta and serve.

The atlas 150 is made of chrome which gives the pasta maker machine great resistance to corrosion, and make the machine last longer.

The atlas 150 is a manual pasta machine  which mean no electricity involve but on the down side the production of pasta is a wee bit slower.

Over all this atlas 150 is a great pasta machine that will serve you for many years to come.

Bowflex equipment – Not Just Another Exercise Machine…


Bowflex equipment is easily recognizable because of its unique and innovative designs. Each of its special components sets Bowflex apart from all its competitors through increasing the functionality and effectiveness of the equipment. For example, how to lose arm fat , Bowflex Home Gyms’ Power Rod technology has provided a vehicle for resistance strength training without worrying about the inertia associated with free weights, possible cause of joint pain for many. Although many have attempted to replicate Bowflex’s Power Rod technology, Bowflex remains as the firm leader in utilizing Power Rods to create resistance. The introduction of Dual-Treadles in the Bowflex TreadClimber has paved the way for 3-in-1 exercise machines. Through its Dual-Treadles, the Bowflex TreadClimber allows you to walk on a treadmill, step up like a stairclimber, and by combining the two actions you can use the machine as an elliptical! Bowflex doesn’t stop there, with Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells® 30 sets of dumbbells with different levels of resistance are creatively combined into two, saving both space and money! Their unique weight system allows users to go from 5 lbs to 52.5 lbs with a simple turn of the dial. Bowflex’s dedication to ground-breaking technology and continuous improvement assure that every one of its products is always the most effective and innovative in the market.

Designed For Versatility
How to lose leg fat ?Tired of the monotony of your exercise regime? With Bowflex machines, you will never have to worry about growing bored because each machine is designed to provide you with a wide range of challenging exercises. Bowflex Home Gyms allow users to obtain a full body workout in just one machine! With over 65 stimulating exercises to choose from, working the chest, abdominal, arm, and shoulder areas will never be dull. In addition, the Bowflex Power Rod technology enables users to exercise with as little as 5 pounds of resistance all the way up to 410 pounds (when upgraded) so that you are constantly challenged with your workout. The Bowflex TreadClimber offers three popular exercises in one machine. Choose from walking on a treadmill, stepping up on a stair climber, or blend the two movements together and achieve a low-impact, high-intensity elliptical workout!

Six Weeks Results Guarantee
Bowflex is so confident that Bowflex guarantees results in just six weeks! For as little as twenty minutes per day, three times a week, Bowflex promises results both in how you look and feel. The Bowflex Six Week Challenge transforms your body by reducing not only your weight, but also overall body fat. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your results, Bowflex backs its equipment with a full refund. Achieve that lean and toned body that you always wanted with Bowflex today.


Landice L870 Home ProSports Treadmill

If you have the money and want to take another step up there is the Landice L870 Home ProSports Treadmill. This home treadmill comes with a frame and running deck that can hold a maximum weight of 500 lbs. The 4 ply belt and huge 3.5 inch steel rollers combined with the will have you feeling like you are floating on a cloud. The heavy duty 3.o HP motor enables this treadmill to reach a maximum speed of 12 mph and a 15% incline while maintaining a whisper quiet performance.

Bottom Line: The Landice L870 Home ProSports Treadmill is a powerhouse built for the true hardcore runner that likes to push themselves to the limit. You can’t beat the performance and solid build of this machine which is backed by the Lifetime motor and frame warranty. If you are hardcore, this is the hardcore machine for you.


Motor: 3.0 HP motor
Speed: 0.5-12 mph
Incline: 0-15%
Walking Surface: 20″ x 58″ 4 ply belt with VFX Absorption System
Workout Programs: 5
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
Heart Rate Control: No
Maximum User Weight: 500 lb
Water Bottle Holder: No
Folding: No
Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame and motor; 3 years parts and 1 year of in-home service

Points on selecting a pasta machine for your home or your businesses

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How do you select the best pasta machine for you

well what will it be used for? Making pasta at home or at a restaurant?
Now, you must distinguish between manual pasta maker machine and electric pasta makers, the first will cost you less however more work must be done in order to produce the delicious pasta, while the later deliver fresh ready to cook pasta in minutes while mixing dough for you and spitting out fresh pasta ready for the cooking, so dust off and take action click the link and check this great site you’ll be happy that you did.

The Smooth 5.45 vs. the Sole F60 and the Sole F80 – Which One Will Prevail

The Smooth 5.45 Treadmill unlike the sole f63 has a very basic control panel and the speed and incline controls are located on this display which makes them more difficult to change during mid-workout which is something to consider if you like to make adjustments while you work out to increase or decrease intensity. Also the 2.5 HP motor is more than adequate for the serious walker or the light jogger but it may not have the capabilities equal to the sole f80 so you might think twice before buying it.

Bottom Line: For the price this treadmill delivers a durable machine with rock solid performance. It offers some features of the more expensive treadmills at a very affordable price. It is a great choice for walkers and joggers, however the serious runner might want to consider one of the more advance models.

Buying Your Own Espresso Maker

With your own Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine, you can have as many servings as you would like of the espresso you love each day. If you will decide to buy one, make sure you first check out the Gaggia Classic Espresso Maker. Such brewing machine has a unique design which will make you think that it is a very expensive brewing machine like what you will see in the local coffee shops.

Advanced Technology Guaranteed

And due to its highly sophisticated technology, physically powerful assembly and excellent looks, the Gaggia Platinum will surely serve you the best tasting coffee to last for several years. There are several other models which include the Gaggia Achille as well as the Gaggia Baby, which actually led the way to the manufacture of such espresso coffee machines.