What Do Animals Eat in Antarctica

Antarctica is not a very lively place in this world. Why do we say so? This is because it is a dark, cold, and icy continent, which is not good to live in for humans and other animals. But still, the toughest and strongest animals in the world have adapted the What Do Animals Eat in Antarcticarough and harsh temperatures in this continent. Aside from the herbivorous creatures roaming around Antarctica, most of the animals living in this place are considered to be predators.

What Do Animals Eat in Antarctica


We can say that Antarctica is a lifeless area that exists in this world. This is because the whole continent is being covered by snow and ice. There are only two species of flowering plants that can survive Antarctica’s tough weather, and some grasses and mosses.

But, when it comes to the water, Antarctica has a different scenario. Cold-blooded creatures, such as phytoplankton, can survive in the icy water. The sun serves as their energy provider. Another creature that lives in Antarctica includes Krill. Well, Krill is the predator of phytoplankton. Aside from the bottom-dwelling creatures and zooplankton, most of the animals living in Antarctica are considered to be predators.

All of the animals living in this dark and cold continent are dependent to Krill. Krill is a small creature that can be found in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean. It is very small that only weighs two grams. Even though they are small, their population is very big. It is considered to be the biggest population that exists on earth. The group of Krill is called as swarms. They roam around together. Each one of them is packed tightly together. Just imagine, you can take 30,000 of these tiny Krill when you dig a glass box that is one meter deep, one meter wide, and one meter tall into it.

A krill has some similarities with small prawns. They are considered to be the food web basis in Antarctica. All animals that are present in this continent are dependent to Krill to survive. Zooplankton and phytoplankton are the prey of Krill, the Krill is being eaten by the squid, the squid and Krill are being eaten by the penguins, and other fishes, squid, small fish, and Krill are being eaten by seals, and penguins, fish, squid, and Krill are being eaten by leopards.

On the other hand, Krill is being eaten by humpback whales, birds, such as Petrels and Skuas, eat penguin chicks, penguin eggs, fish, and Krill, Albatross consume squid and fish, and lastly, other whales, seals, penguins, fish, and squid are being eaten by the killer whales.

Without the existence of Krill in Antarctica, the lives of the animals living there would be different. The latest studies claim that the temperature in Antarctica starts to increase, which leads to the warming of the ocean. This change alters the land, weather, and food web in the said continent. The air moisture produces more snow.

Overall, Krill is the main source of survival for most of the animals living in Antarctica. Without them, no animals would survive the cold climate and starvation.