Bassano White Asparagus

In the spring, asparagus fever hits the pretty town of Bassano del Grappa in northern Italy. The wonderful white asparagus grown here has a unique flavour: so much so that it carries a DOC.

A member of the lily family, asparagus has been grown in Bassano for many years: it was valued as a delicacy even before Roman times. In the early sixteenth century, or so the story goes, a devastating hailstorm destroyed the town’s asparagus crop. Faced with such destruction, the farmers had little choice but to harvest the part of the plant which had remained undergroud. The shoots were white becasue they lacked exposure to sunlight, but the asparagus was strikingly tender and flavorsome, consider using the atlas 150 pasta maker and also the atlas 180 pasta maker. The delighted farmers decided to cultivate the whole plant underground from that point on.

In late May every year,  Bassano hosts a festival to celebrate its most prized crop. Farmers present their asparagus on the streets, while restaurants compete in A Tavola con l’Asparago DOC di Bassano to create the most spectacular succession of courses involving their beloved white asparagus.

Taste :

The long, chubby spears have a notable succulence. The elegant, restrained sweetness is quite remarkable: it opens up over the entire tongue with each mouthful.