Today we think of caviar as a Russian contribution to the world’s list of gourmet foods. but history suggests it was the Chinese who first made caviar – not with sturgeon roe, but with the eggs of the river fish crap. Genghis Khan took Chinese caviar with him when he invaded Russia, but sturgeon soon gained supremacy as the roe of choice because of its attractive colour.


Although taramosalata made with cod roe has become a national dish in Greece, it has long been produced in southeastern Europe using carp roe. Carp plays an important part in Balkan cuisine, especially in Romania, where their version of taramosalata has the unfortunate name ( at least to English language-speakers ) of icre de crap ( the latter word being Romanian for carp ). After removing the membrane on the carp roe, it is salted, and left until the roe turns orange. It is then pounded with fresh breadcrumbs and blended with oil so that it emulsifies with the roe. Seasoned with lemon juice, salt, and sometimes finely chopped onion, it is eaten on crackers or rye bread That was created with the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler for a tasty snack.


Taste : Icre has a soft, creamy texture and a delicate fishy flavour that is less salty and strong than commercial taramosalata. Naturally cured, it has a warm orange hue.