The Smooth 5.45 vs. the Sole F60 and the Sole F80 – Which One Will Prevail

The Smooth 5.45 Treadmill unlike the sole f63 has a very basic control panel and the speed and incline controls are located on this display which makes them more difficult to change during mid-workout which is something to consider if you like to make adjustments while you work out to increase or decrease intensity. Also the 2.5 HP motor is more than adequate for the serious walker or the light jogger but it may not have the capabilities equal to the sole f80 so you might think twice before buying it.

Bottom Line: For the price this treadmill delivers a durable machine with rock solid performance. It offers some features of the more expensive treadmills at a very affordable price. It is a great choice for walkers and joggers, however the serious runner might want to consider one of the more advance models.